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The Superior Process


Superior Stone Process

Before we take an order from any customer, we take the effort to get to know more about your needs. We then use the information from our discussions to help you to pick out the best countertops for your tastes and your home.

Most other cabinetry or granite countertop shops are more interested in making any sale to you than they are in making the right sale for what you want.

Unlike most other cabinet and granite shops we give our customers the opportunity to use our “inspiration wall” to match a granite sample together with your preferred cabinet door type and choice of floor and wall tiles.

Selecting Edge type

We will be happy to help you to find the ideal edge profile that works and blends with the stone, and style of your kitchen.


¼ Bevel

¼ Round

½ Bevel

Full Bullnose

Full ¼ Round

Full ¼ Bevel

½ Bullnose

Ogee or any of the above laminated

Select a Sink

It’s much easier for our customers if we supply you the sink directly, but you can also provide us with your preferred make and model number for your sink. As part of our turnkey service, we also provide an array of kitchen and bathroom faucets.


We are distributors of the following major tile dealers:

Louisville Tile

Happy Flooring

Winco Tiles


As part of our service to our customers, we offer special discounts for tiles when countertops from were bought from Superior Stone Knoxville.


GRANIVATIONS Split face Tiles in ceramic, porcelain or glass

Granite Pricing

We stock roughly 60 colors of granite but have easy and immediate access to other 600 exotic stones. Our pricing model is simple: we charge for granite by the square foot of stone used for your project for all the stock colors. Our cost for exotic materials are the cost for the granite plus labor for the actual surface area


We quote you a price based on the design and layout. The price varies depending on the cabinet line, door style, and material used. If you set an appointment with a cabinet designer, they can provide you with a quote with the design. If you’re on a strict budget, we can also provide you with a granite countertop design that matches your spending limits.


The price depends on the material you select, the edge detail, your sink selection, and some other details.

When you’ve finalized all your decisions, we will reserve the stone for you with a firm order.

We can do this when we have a signed price quote from you with a 50% deposit on the estimated cost of the project

Unlike many other granite companies, we create digital CAD files in your house based on our measurements to cut and process your new countertop with the highest precision.

When we set a template appointment with you, all your project details will be finalized. This includes corners, overhangs, seam locations, radiuses, and gathering any structural support requirements.

We use software from the Granite Studio to capture fully-calibrated, precise images of the real stone slabs that will be used for your new natural stone surface in ultra-high resolution. We match these with the CAD files based on measurements in your real home to create an accurate 3D model of what the project will look like when we install it.

This process is especially ideal when you’re ordering exotic stones with unique veins and coloration so that you can customize your slab to your tastes and then see exactly what it will look like in your kitchen before installation even begins.

We send you this layout information to you by email. Superior Stone Knoxville is one of the few companies in the USA to offer this service.

This makes it easy for you to look at your unique slab before its cut, enabling you to request changes before the job’s done. This process is as simple for our experienced technicians as using a smartphone.


Before installation can begin, you must remove all items like detergent and trash bags from your sink base cabinets. Make sure that the work area is clear in the kitchen, around the kitchen, and in the pathway from the driveway to the work area. During the installation process, please keep work zone traffic to a minimum. Keep children and pets outside the work area for safety.


Our installation professionals take pride in their work. All of them understand the entire procedure from templating to punch-outs. They’ll make sure that your property will be protected during their work, and they’ll clean up after themselves afterward.

When they have finished the job, you will have the chance to ask them any questions you might have and to review their work before they depart your home.

Final Payment

Have the remaining 50% of the project payment ready for pickup after the completion of work.


Our office will call you after the work finishes to ensure that you’re fully satisfied with the product, the quality of the work, and the people who helped you. We want to make sure that you’re happy with our work.

Granite Wiki

General Knowledge

Questions to ask before buying countertops. On all of the following- Click to learn more

Q. How high quality is your stone?

A. At Superior Stone Knoxville, we only sell stone of the highest quality.

Q. Does your company use subcontractors for the fabrication or installation of natural stone countertops?

A. No. You will always deal directly with Superior Stone Knoxville employees. We do not subcontract out any fabrication or installation processes. You will also only deal with our employees at every stage. We’re committed to high-quality, trustworthy service.

Q. Do you sell sinks and faucets? Who handles plumbing?

A. Yes. As part of our commitment to turnkey service, we both sell plumbing fixtures and could handle plumbing work on request. Our “Remove & Reconnect” service also makes it unnecessary to appoint other contractors before and after we do our part.

Q. Are you connected with other members of the stone industry?

A. OUR GROUP is a member in good standing of the Marble Institute of America (MIA), which is the most established trade association for the stone market. This trade association focuses on maintaining standards of work and business ethics for our industry. We attend trade shows and conferences regularly and stay current with all the latest technological developments.


Using natural stone instead of synthetic countertop materials like porcelain, ceramic tile, Formica, or Corian has many surprising advantages including increasing aesthetical and property value and affordability when considered over the long term.


Manufactured countertops derive most often from acrylic-based materials, but sometimes also from polyester resin, synthetic pigments, various chemicals, and marble dust. In contrast, natural stone countertops come from stone quarried straight from the ground. Technicians cut this rough stone into slabs, which can then be treated to make it ready for use.


Manufacturers make synthetic countertops mostly from non-renewable resources and petroleum-based products. This manufacturing process takes up substantial energy resources, also. In most cases, these synthetic countertops are not recyclable. When they deteriorate, they go the landfill. In contrast, natural stone countertops are fully recyclable and have a relatively simple manufacturing process. Environmental Impact: Made primarily from non-renewable resources, the production, and manufacturing of synthetic countertops are very energy-intensive, and most materials are not recyclable. Natural stone, on the other hand, is Mother Nature’s original “green” building material… 100% recyclable.


Natural stone countertops have a reputation for being expensive. While they may have a higher initial sticker price compared to engineered countertop options, natural stone countertops can pull ahead when you consider their durability. Both materials are hard and durable – neither is easy to scratch, stain, or damage with high heat. The primary difference regarding maintenance requirements between granite and engineered stone is that granite is a porous natural stone, whereas engineered stone is impermeable There’s a reason the presence of granite countertops typically increases the value of a home – it’s because the countertops will also typically last as long as the home still stands.


The comparative costs between granite and engineered stone countertops can vary significantly. Granite will usually be cheaper than engineered stone – with the exception of special, exotic varieties of the stone. Installation costs for both materials will tend to be similar because the process is similar for both.


Although engineered countertops have many positive values, nothing matches the perceived value and prestige that comes with natural stone countertops. Homebuyers see granite countertops as both prestigious and practical, which adds to their impact on home value.


Because granite countertops have a natural origin, each one is unique – even if they come from the same quarry. The diversity of the natural stone also often makes it easier to find greater varieties in coloration and patterning. Engineered stone countertops have fewer options, but it can be easier to match with the surrounding room because of the even patterning.

When contemporary designers recommend marble or other soft stone for kitchen surfaces, they usually suggest it for the looks rather than the functionality.

While marble has a beautiful appearance that developers character with age, there are concerns about its durability to consider. It’s more viable as a kitchen material than you might think – so long as you’re aware of some of the complexities of using it.

At Superior Stone Knoxville, we handle the issue of marble’s porosity – and vulnerability to staining – by using permanent sealer on the countertop when we install it. This sealant helps to prevent the marble from discoloration caused by spills.

While this prevents many kinds of damage, the marble will still be vulnerable to “etching” caused by spills of acidic liquids like citrus juice, vinegar, coffee, and other similar substances. For this reason, it’s better to avoid the use of marble on kitchen counters that see heavy use.

We use an innovative system to produce all our seams that results in nearly perfect results for all the kinds of stone and quartz that we use. Our seam machine keeps both halves of each seam straight.

When we pull two tops together, the seams are both tight and structurally sound. This also eliminates countertop sagging that might otherwise result as the house and the cabinets settle over time.

The weight and density of all stone that we use varies depending on the color. Most granite that we keep in stock measures 1.25 inches (3 cm) thick and weighs 18-22 lbs./sq. ft.

Customers often request for their stone countertops to be extended past their cabinets to provide extra functionality and space in their kitchens. When doing this, there are some factors that have to be carefully considered to decide if extra structural support will be required. We determine the allowable overhang by considering:

  • The hardness of the stone
  • The purpose of space
  • The design of the cabinet

Examples of kitchen designs that tend to require additional supports include high bar tops, extended islands, and peninsulas. At Superior Stone Knoxville, we discuss any potential overhang requirements and the template appointment when we’re finalizing the design. If it’s required, we provide these supports as a component of our installation service without charging you anything extra.

The supports consist of steel plates or bars that we fasten between the stone itself and your cabinets. This creates a strong support that you cannot see normally and will not bang your knees as you sit under it.

Although some may consider them imperfections, many people who love granite countertops and other natural stone surfaces have learned to appreciate pits and fissures in the rock.

In the modern stone industry, many producers apply resin treatments to blocks of granite destined to become countertops. After they cut them into slabs, they then polish them and apply other treatments. This fills tiny fissures, indentations, and other distinguishing marks from the stone.

While some customers consider these marks to be imperfections to be filed off, others appreciate these unique features.

Pitting appears in granite because of its crystalline mineral structure. There are sometimes tiny spaces – gaps – that appear between different crystals within a given slab. During the finishing process, stoneworkers fill in these gaps to minimize how visible they are. It’s not entirely possible to eliminate the appearance of these pits.

They are not examples of damage, being natural features of the stone. Pitting does not become ‘worse’ or more visible with age and use.

Fissures appear to be tiny cracks in the stone itself. In most cases, these are just on the surface and have occurred over millions of years as the underlying stone has heated and cooled. They’re not indicators of problems in the structural integrity of the stone itself.

Keeping stone countertops in good shape is easy as long as you avoid using abrasive cleansers and harsh chemicals. A microfiber cloth is all that’s needed to dust it. You can get the best cleaning results with simple soap with a neutral pH value and water.

Here are some extra cleaning tips:

  • Blot spills rather than wiping them. Wiping can spread the spill around
  • Use coasters and placemats to prevent damage to the stone – especially when drinking something alcoholic or that has citrus.
  • Rinse and dry the stone after you wash it.
  • Avoid using lemon juice, vinegar, and other acidic liquids around a natural stone countertop.

How frequently granite needs to be sealed has sometimes been exaggerated to the general public. Sealers work by going beneath the surface of the stone to fill the natural pores within it. This makes your countertop more resistant to staining. When the sealer is in the pores, liquids that might stain it cannot permeate the stone.

At Superior Stone Knoxville, we resin-treat most of the stone at the factory before we even receive it for installation. When it comes time to install it, the last step of the process is to put on a permanent sealant. This provides an additional protective barrier against stains and liquid absorption. This treatment lasts a lifetime, so there’s no need to worry about re-applying it.

At Superior Stone Knoxville, we aim to make life as easy as we can for our valued customers. That’s why we provide an additional optional service that we call REMOVE & RECONNECT. In return for a small fee, we can take out and discard your previous countertops, disconnect the old plumbing, put in the new countertops, and then put the plumbing back in place during the course of one workday.

We also request that your contractor or builder takes care of any gas, water, or electrical connections that might be necessary if we’re installing new cabinets and plumbing.

POLISHED: Polished finish makes a stone countertop appear similar to the texture of a shiny old Polaroid photograph. This makes the stone look smooth, shiny, and almost slippery. It reflects light when clean. To accomplish this effect, we buff the stone surface to the highest degree that we can. This is the most popular countertop finish that we offer.

HONED: This finish type is much less glossy than a polished finish. This makes it look both smooth, dull, and non-slippery. We can customize how polished or unpolished this is, so it covers many different possible appearances.

LEATHERED: This unique finish enhances the innate character of a given natural stone surface. It also makes the stone softer to touch than many other finishes. Many people describe this finish as feeling similar to suede leather.

STAINING: Different types of natural stone surface have different vulnerabilities to staining. Stains occur when a liquid seeps into the pores of the stone. At Superior Stone Knoxville, we seal all the countertops we install in order to minimize staining. Despite this, no countertop is completely invulnerable to stains.

These stains appear to be darker than the ordinary color of the stone, but the surface will remain unaffected in terms of its texture.

ETCHING: Etching is a light discoloration on the surface of a natural stone that appears similar to the way that water rings or spots might appear on a finished wood surface. These are chemical burns that form from a reaction between a harsh liquid (like an acid, alcohol, or ammonia) reacts with the calcium carbonate contained in many natural stone surfaces.

Etching can create rough patches in the stone. The materials most vulnerable to this kind of damage include quartzite, travertine, marble, onyx, and limestone.

Most stains can be removed. Most etch marks can be repaired. We’ll help you take care of it. Call us when you notice any damage or discoloration to your countertop. Our experienced staff have been trained in stone countertop maintenance and repair. We will restore it and help you to protect the value of your investment.

When we cutout a sink or cooktop, there’s usually not much stone left over. It also tends to be irregularly shaped, and must be cut and polished in order to make it useful. We charge a fee to fabricate such cutout pieces to make them useful.

The notion that granite countertops emit enough radon to harm humans is pure myth. Scientists have repeatedly tested granite and have routinely found that the trace radon and radiation emissions from that granite are not sufficient to harm humans.

Granite is safe for use in home products like floors, tiles, and countertops. It is a naturally occurring mineral that humans have used as a building material for thousands of years. There are no measurable harmful effects to humans resulting from the use of such products in homes.

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