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Unlike natural stone countertops, manufacturing engineered quartz countertops using a combination of 93% natural quartz, resin binders, pigments for coloration, and other ingredients combined under extreme heat and high pressure in a factory.

One advantage of engineered stone surfaces is greater customizability than natural stone – if you have a particular look or color in mind, you can probably get something closer to it than you would be able to with natural stone. The even consistency and patterning of engineered quartz surfaces also make it easier to standardize surfaces in a given room or throughout your house.

It is also easier to maintain, with no need to reseal or otherwise treat it over time.

Characteristics of Quartz

  • An engineered surface that provides uniform texture, coloration, and patterning
  • Won’t stain or absorb liquids and other materials
  • Lower maintenance requirements than natural stone surface

Quartz Galactic Series

Quartz Galactic Series

Quartz Nebula Series

Quartz Nebula Code Series

Quartz Ocean Series

Quartz Ocean Series

Quartz Stonium Series

Quartz Stonium Series

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