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Quartzite works well as a countertop surface, with higher hardness levels than even granite countertops. The stone typically ranges between white and gray in color, but it can contain other coloration depending on the presence of other minerals within the stone.

Most people considering quartzite as a countertop material want something that looks like marble without its downsides of being easier to damage.

Quartzite has none of the disadvantages of marble as a surface for food preparation and for eating meals on – it is nearly impermeable to staining liquids and is nearly impervious to damage from typical use. While the surface can suffer etching from acidic substances like lemon juice or coffee spilling on it, this can be removed with polishing powder in most cases.

Characteristics of Quartzite

  • A natural stone with unusually high hardness levels
  • Similar in appearance to marble, but harder to damage and stain owing to lower porosity

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