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Superior Stone & Cabinets

The unique patterning of Onyx makes it a superb decorative surface material. Unlike many other natural stone types, it also comes in many translucent varieties. This stone also comes in many different bright colors ranging from green to black, white, red, and alabaster with beautiful mineral banding to add to variation.

Onyx is a soft stone that will scratch if you use a knife on it. It can also easily stain if you spill acidic liquids on it like citrus juice or coffee.

For this reason, it is most often used as a decorative surface rather than as a general purpose kitchen countertop – but it can be used as a countertop by people looking to add some unique character to their kitchen.

Characteristics of Onyx

  • Stunning patterns and colors
  • Can be illuminated with backlights when it comes in a translucent variety
  • Excellent for bathroom surfaces, fireplace surroundings, and as a decorative furniture surface

More than 500+ Slabs to choose from