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Superior Stone & Marble

Marble has been used since ancient times as a decorative material in statuary, furniture, and in buildings. The ancient Greeks and Romans left behind substantial marble monuments and artworks. To this day, marble surfaces evoke the grandeur of classical civilization even in modern homes.

The coloration of marble ranges from black to white, sometimes including colors like green, yellow, and red. Compared to other natural stone surfaces like granite, it is not as hard, and can also be more easily damaged by acids, scratches, and staining liquids. It often has a clouded and veined appearance that comes from other minerals within the marble itself.

Because of its delicacy, people tend to prefer it for decorative purposes in bathrooms rather than as a kitchen countertop surface, but it can be treated for improved durability.

Marble Characteristics

  • Beautiful polished appearance
  • Appearance matures and develops over time
  • Magnificent for decorative purposes around fireplaces, in furniture, and as a bathroom surface

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