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High Grade Seams

We use innovative high technology systems to create nearly perfect seams for all types of natural stone and quartz. When the two seams are pulled together, they will not only be tighter, but also structurally sound. This prevents countertops from sagging even when the cabinetry or the surrounding house settles and shifts with the passage of the years.

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Bathroom Makeovers

Custom Showers, Bathrooms and more

Create a custom experience with all the strength and natural beauty to go with it. Superior Stone Knoxville offers a variety of options that will bring sophistication into your bathroom. Imagine how a perfectly crafted vanity could transform your bathroom! Live in luxury with our attention to detail and expert artisanship!

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Granite Countertops

Africa Range and Exotic Selections

Granite is one of the most popular stone countertops because of its superior quality snd durability. Natural Granite is a beautiful material that is perfect for any kind of kitchen countertops, even when compared to manufactured materials. No surface can compare to that of which Mother Nature makes herself! Let a spectacular and stunning style add expression to your renovation. Africa Range and Other great Exotic granite selections

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We also have a great interest in Sustainability and Louwrens has invented a machine trademarked as the Tomahawk stone splitter to recycle leftover granite and produce the Granivations product lines.

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More than 500+ Slabs to choose from