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Main Specialities

Our specialties include

Superior Stone Knoxville are dedicated professionals in installation of countertops. That means we provide the most luxurious products with unique wood and stone materials, design, and storage capabilities. Whether you are striving for a contemporary look or a vintage style, Superior Stone Knoxville will achieve it. We have the experience and skills to turn your beautiful vision into a reality.

Our roots in the granite and marble business began in the late 1970s when our CEO, Louwrens Mulder, went to help out his brother at his quarry in South Africa. He ultimately relocated from South Africa to the US in 1998. He became a US citizen in 2012, but he still has his distinctive South African accent.

He also managed the recent merger between Superior Stone Knoxville and another American company, Brown, Brown & West in April 2015.

Louwrens also invented the TOMAHAWK STONE SPLITTER while he was still living in South Africa. He founded Waste to Value Stone while in the US. Over 150 stone fabricators and other companies have used the TOMAHAWK to turn waste granite into beautiful split stones, landscaping pavers, and other SUSTAINABLE or GREEN BUILDING products.

As part of his work at Superior Stone Knoxville, Louwrens wants to encourage more people to join us in advancing our goal to reduce waste in the natural stone industry and increase the recycling and reuse of granite waste. Our GRANIVATIONS™ product line – including the latest addition of RECYCLEDGRANITE.COM granite jewelry – showcases our commitment to sustainability.

Riana Mulder’s background in marketing for the pharmaceutical industry translated well into the international stone trade when she joined the family business. She handles marketing responsibilities ranging from quarrying to finding brilliant new uses for leftover and recycled granite and marble.

Hester Mulder and her husband Duan Coqui, the owner of STONEWORLD, which is one of the largest fabrication facilities in Tennessee, handles all countertop fabrication for Superior Stone Knoxville.

Jaco Mulder, owner of the “Africa Range” quarry, supplies us with the gorgeous Africa Range slabs only available at Superior Stone Knoxville in East TN. He lives in Namibia with his wife Nadia and their three children.

Jacques-Corne Botha, the youngest is a UX and UI Website Designer, Website Developer and Owner of Ullaco Corporation. He is responsible for managing our online marketing to spread the word about Superior Stone Knoxville on the web and social media. He lives in Canada.

  • Quarrying granite and marble
  • Processing granite and marble blocks, slabs and countertops
  • Countertop fabrication and installation
  • Designing, building and supplying innovative granite recycling equipment

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High Grade Seams

We use innovative high technology systems to create nearly perfect seams for all types of natural stone and quartz. When the two seams are pulled together, they will not only be tighter, but also structurally sound. This prevents countertops from sagging even when the cabinetry or the surrounding house settles and shifts with the passage of the years.

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Bathroom Makeovers

Custom Showers, Bathrooms and more

Create a custom experience with all the strength and natural beauty to go with it. Superior Stone Knoxville offers a variety of options that will bring sophistication into your bathroom. Imagine how a perfectly crafted vanity could transform your bathroom! Live in luxury with our attention to detail and expert artisanship!

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Granite Countertops

Africa Range and Exotic Selections

Granite is one of the most popular stone countertops because of its superior quality snd durability. Natural Granite is a beautiful material that is perfect for any kind of kitchen countertops, even when compared to manufactured materials. No surface can compare to that of which Mother Nature makes herself! Let a spectacular and stunning style add expression to your renovation. Africa Range and Other great Exotic granite selections

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We also have a great interest in Sustainability and Louwrens has invented a machine trademarked as the Tomahawk stone splitter to recycle leftover granite and produce the Granivations product lines.

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Meet the Superior Team

Meet the Superior Stone Team Members

Louwrens Mulder


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Riana Mulder

Marketing & Admin

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Robyn Reid

Sales & Scheduling

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Cameron Smith


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Abraham Retiz


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Louis Pleasant


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Ivan Adujar

Installations & Polishing

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Manny Rodriques

Installations & Polishing

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Dylan Thompson

Baca Operations

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Albert Murray

Operations & Installations

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More than 500+ Slabs to choose from


Superior Stone Knoxville Partners

Kitchen & Lifestyle Designs

Certified Kitchen Designer

I earned a BS from Auburn University and earned my Kitchen Design Certification from the National Kitchen and Bath Association after the required 7 years industry experience and examinations.

My experience includes 5 years of commercial design/sales, 3 years of kitchen and bath sales/consulting, 6 years of independent residential window treatments and design. Since 2008, I have owned and operated Kitchen and Lifestyle Designs as an independent Certified Kitchen Designer.

I have a holistic approach to kitchen design. My primary goal as an independent designer is to offer the best possible design for my clients regardless of budget. I will assist in specifying and locating products to fit the design and budget as a secondary part of the plan. I offer assistance in obtaining quotes as well as contractor selection if needed. Every project should be a reflection of the homeowner's unique vision and personality combined with good design principals, safety and function.

Independent Certified Kitchen Designer: Aimee H. Pearson, CKD.

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